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folder icon 11 Block 1

"Collaborative Core Services (CCS or Layer 1)" focuses on CWE "basic services" or "layer 1 components" characterization, advanced capabilities and layer 2 interface specification and development.

folder icon 13 Block 2

"Software Collaborative Tools (SCT or Layer 2)" aims to design and develop an Open Software Architecture upper layer able to synergically combine layer 1 components according to high level CWE orchestration functions, ontologies and methodologies.

folder icon 38 Block 3

"Rural Living Labs (RLL or Layer 3)": aims to provide real life scenarios where validating applications will be built over layer 2 software collaborations tools. These scenarios allow rural co-workers involvement in layers 1 and 2 research activities, besides the validation tasks.

folder icon 17 Block 4

"Systemic and Sustainable Use of Results in C@R" focuses on policies and strategic plans development for dissemination and exploitation of C@R results. This block will also boost C@R potential impact on regional, national and EU policies for rural sustainable development.

C@R Collaboration at Rural