• Image The Rural Living Lab in Sekhukhune intervenes on the level of small and micro enterprises to stimulate local economic development utilizing information and communication technologies. Incubation mechanisms being introduced comprise tools and methods to improve existing business operations as well as to support the start up of new businesses. Such mechanisms are driven by tailored Collaborative Working Environments (CWEs) that are offered to information brokers, so called Infopreneurs. Our current development concentrates on distinctive use cases (experimentations) like collaborative procurement & logistics for the retail sector in the rural communities.

    By applying the principles of a Living Lab we aim to put the end user in the driving seat of technology development and open business innovation. Read Living Lab Description


    The selected study area that comprises the South African Rural Living Lab is illustrated in the map. A Substantial portion of the Living Lab is made up of the Sekhukhune district municipality area located in the Limpopo province in the north of the country. The second area that forms part of the Rural Living Lab is the Leroro area located in the Thaba Chweu Municipality (adjacent to the Sekhukhune district). This area consists of four villages namely Leroro, Mothibidi A and Mothibidi B and Maramela. The settlement patterns of these four towns are similar to the settlements located in the northern part of the Sekhukhune District. Read Sector and Regional Coverage



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